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Self Pay Rates

Individual Teletherapy Session (55 minutes): 150$ - $180 


Payment due at time of service.


Payments accepted: Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal, HSA, FSA

Late Cancellation Policy: 100$ charge for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice


I am in network with Aetna, United Healthcare and UMR 

"In network" means I am paneled with your insurance company and we have an agreement where they will pay me directly. You will only be responsible for a copay or deductible, depending on your plan. 

You can check what your insurance will cover and your copays/rates by clicking here: and selecting "Get Exact Price" 

I am an out of network provider with Beacon (Empire/NYSHIP) 

This means I am contracted with Beacon and they will cover the majority of the cost, but typically only after an out of network deductible has been met. We can discuss exactly what this would look like based on your specific plan. 

I am out of network for all other insurances 

Many insurances (including most Excellus/BCBS plans) have out of network benefits where they will reimburse you for therapy. This means you would pay out of pocket for sessions, but I can then provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance. Often they will pay a large percentage back to you, costing you significantly less out of pocket. I encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to your first session to ask about "out-of-network mental health benefits" specific to your plan.

What are the benefits of self pay? 

  • No diagnosis requirement. Insurance companies require a diagnosis following your first appointment, otherwise they will not reimburse for services. This information may become part of your medical record and be accessed by other medical providers. Some individuals prefer to keep diagnostic information confidential. By paying a self-pay rate, no diagnosis is submitted to insurance or accessible by other medical providers without a signed release. 

  • No session limitations. Insurance companies often will only cover a certain amount of sessions over a certain time frame.  Self pay alleviates the pressure of this and gives therapeutic freedom for you to attend therapy as long as you (and your therapist) see fit. 

  • Choice of therapist. Clients who wish to stay in network may not always find a provider with whom they are comfortable, or who has experience dealing with the types of issues the client wishes to address. With self pay you are able to see whoever you feel is the best fit for you, typically allowing you to work with someone who specializes in your unique needs.

  • The freedom, flexibility and time to focus on what matters most: the therapeutic alliance and your path to wellness. 

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