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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on my first session?

How often do I come to therapy and how long will I be in therapy for?

We begin with an initial intake session to get a deeper sense of what your needs are and to establish a plan for therapy. I send the intake paperwork to you prior to this visit so that we have more time to focus on you and your goals. We will, however, briefly review the intake paperwork, discuss confidentiality, and allow space for any questions you might have. We then open the conversation to explore more on what has brought you to therapy. You might know exactly what you'd like to discuss and in what way, or you might prefer some guidance on where/how to start. Either way I will follow your lead and keep the conversation focused and flowing.

Typically, I recommend weekly sessions for the best continuity and consistency as we get to know one another, however, I am open to discussing different options that might be more appropriate for your schedule at this time.
The length of the therapy relationship varies greatly by client, as some people come to address a specific issue (which can be resolved more short term) and others are looking to process long-lasting patterns within their lives (which may take more time to sort out and work through).

Are my sessions confidential?

Yes. Our relationship and any associated medical records are completely confidential, just as it would be with other medical providers. Everything we discuss remains within the therapeutic relationship, unless there is a significant safety concern regarding harming your self or another person.  The legal limits of confidentiality will be discussed in further detail upon your first session.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You may call, email, or complete the "Contact" form on this website to connect with me. We will then schedule a free phone consultation (15-20 minutes) to discuss more about what you are looking for and to decide if we are a good match for one another. Within that conversation we will schedule your first appointment.

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