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Holding Hands

"IFS is more than a therapeutic technique. It is a conceptual framework and practice for developing love for ourselves and each other."

Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.
Founder of IFS

What is IFS Therapy?

Have you ever had the thought, “A part of me feels I am capable, but another part is holding me back”?  

Internal Family Systems, or IFS, involves working with our internal parts. A “part” is simply an aspect of your personality, often that comes with some level of internal dialogue and attached emotion. For example, you might have a critical part that speaks of “not being good enough,” a minimizer part who says “it’s not that big of a deal,” and an anxious part who cautions “don’t say that or people will judge.”

In IFS therapy we spend time getting to know these parts by welcoming them (even the ones you think you don’t like or want), listening to them, and deepening our understanding of their held beliefs. Some parts will reveal that they hold deep burdens from your past experiences, and often we find that this is what perpetuates certain patterns in your life that you have been unable to shake. IFS provides guidance on how to find the tools within you that are necessary to release these burdened beliefs, empower the self, and truly transform your circumstances.  

This differs from other, more skill-based therapies, where you might spend time trying to reframe, distract, or identify what you can change on the outside. IFS therapy involves listening inside and accessing your own, innate healing abilities. IFS work allows us to be present with what is present, to explore the inner conversation and to bring more cohesion throughout our minds and our bodies alike.  

IFS is an evidenced based, non-pathologizing, creative and experiential approach to psychotherapy. It has been proven to be effective with a wide variety of concerns and issues, including complex trauma, posttraumatic stress, anxiety disorders, depression, physical health and symptoms, and overall general well-being and functioning.


IFS is a deeply respectful and incredibly kind approach to healing. I love sharing this modality with the people I work with. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or just want to learn more about this amazing healing work. 

For even more information you may also wish to navigate to the IFS Institute, the official training organization for IFS, at this web address:

Training in Internal Family Systems

  • Advanced Weekend: Mastering IFS -  Deepening your Core Practice (12 hours) 

  • Master Class: Special Treatment Challenges with Trauma-Informed IFS (15 hours)

  • Master Class: Healing Complex Trauma with Trauma-Informed IFS (36 hours)

  • Stepping Stone: 16 Week (40 hours) Comprehensive IFS Course

  • IFS Exiles Course: 6 weeks (12 hours)

  • Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems (2 Day Intensive)

  • The Integrated Trauma Therapist: Incorporating IFS with EMDR, SP, CPT, AEDP, DBT, and Psychedelic Medicines for Treating Complex Trauma and PTSD (Online Course)

  • Using IFS to Heal Our Relationships with Food and Body (Online Course)

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