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Individual Therapy

My clients come to me feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, confused, and hurt in some capacity. Often, they are individuals who seem to be great at helping, problem solving, or listening to those in their lives, but struggle when it comes to turning those skills inward.

Typically, they seem to have difficulties with knowing how to trust themselves with themselves. They have been through stuff, as is what happens with life and a world that can be dark and challenging. They may find themselves people pleasing, over or under achieving, wondering if something must be wrong with them, afraid to say how they really feel, and may even question if what they are feeling is “normal” (whatever that is!).

Often, when I first meet a client, they love themselves conditionally. My goal is to help walk you through the process of how to experience unconditional self-acceptance. 

We begin by meeting for an initial intake session to get a sense of what your needs are, and where I can help. I’m excited to help clients who want to dig in, try something new, do the work, and make lasting change. What we explore in individual therapy is confidential. You might feel vulnerable at first, but our pace, what you disclose, and how we approach solutions & coping is totally up to you. I will also skillfully challenge you to help you uncover the tools you desire to be a happier and more complete you. 

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Online/Video Therapy

Available to All Residents of New York State

My practice is 100% online. This means all sessions are done through a secure video platform, or by phone. There are many advantages to working together online, the most notable being the ease and flexibility of scheduling. I meet with clients when they are at home, at work, at school, in the car, anywhere! Most often, however, they are in the comfort of their own homes, which provides an added feeling of safety when addressing the tough stuff that therapy can bring up. They are also able to easily process sessions, without having to immediately distract in order to drive home from an office. The convenience is unmatched. Below find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding online therapy to assess if going online is right for you.

How does it work?

My online counseling platform uses secure video conferencing to enable face-to-face conversations. The video call is completely secure (HIPAA-protected) and confidential, and nothing is recorded or kept in any way. On the day of your appointment, I will send you a private, secure link via email, enabling you to connect by video at the time of your appointment. The video platform can be opened through a computer, tablet, or smart phone. You do not need to download an app to use it (it just opens right up).  

Is online counseling effective?

Yes, online therapy has been proven to be just as effective as in person sessions. This is why most insurance companies have chosen to include telehealth as a covered part of mental health benefits.

Will my insurance cover online therapy?

Most insurance companies now provide coverage for telehealth as part of their standard mental health benefits. All plans are different, however, so you may want to call your insurance company directly to know exactly what is covered for you.  

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